Welcome to the French school Jules Verne

Important information:

Dear Parents

Parents-teacher’s meetings are organized as :

Tuesday September 5th – 16: 30 GS – Classe de Karine Dalstein
Tuesday September 5th – 16 : 30 CP – Classe de Jean-Loup Colombi
Wednesday September 6th – 16:00 CE1-CE2 – Classe de Marie Hélène Demain
Wednesday September 6th – 16: 30 CM1-CM2 –Classe de Karine B ourgeix et Hawa Touré
Thursday september 7th – 16: 30 CP – Classe de Karine Dalstein
Thursday september 7th – 16: 30 GS – Classe de Jean-Loup Colombi
Thursday september 7th – 16: 30 PS-MS – Classes de Ghyslaine Pignot et Kristiina Guillermin


Information on how School function in the booklet “Welcome to School”  Welcome to school booklet     Tervetuloa kouluun opas


Curriculum of the school    jules-verne-curriculum-and-teaching-2016

Power point presenting the school in the Open Doors.    OpenDays_presentation2017 (1)

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Karine Bourgeix

News and events

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Welcome to the National Finnish museum

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The Maternelle (3 to 5 years old) offers children the chance to learn through play and creative activities in order to learn, assert and blossom their personality.

The school is based on fundamental principle: all children are able to learn and to improve.

The Elementary school  (6 to 10 years old) curriculum includes literacy and numeracy, with classes in French, arithmetic, but also geography and history, the arts, English and Finnish, as well as music and sports.

For the Secondary , students pursue their studies through a <strong>partnership with the European Schooling Helsinki (ESH) enrolling in the French track at ESH .

Physical & Mailing Address

École française Jules Verne
Ratakatu 6 A
00120 Helsinki, FINLAND

Contact Information

Phone Number: +358 9 565 19 26
Email Address: [email protected]